Phase II

Saybrook Condos Phase 2

Welcome! Here you will find all the public information and contact methods for Phase 2.

Saybrook phase 2 is a mid-sized condo complex in a country setting, and an enjoyable place to live. We welcome new homeowners and tenants and share information in an friendly manner to make sure everything that’s going on is open to all.
Some of the nicest people live among the condos numbered 21 through 40. We are proud of our condo complex and welcome input from neighbors. The complex has a bike path along the property, and we have a scenic pond, sidewalks, and a community pool.

Current Board of Directors:

President:Morgan Paine
Vice-President:Jenny Barnett
Secretary:Debbie Bartlett
TreasurerStefanie Lane

Owners Section

Owners of condos in Phase 2 are encouraged to register on this site using the LOGIN link in the top right corner of the page.
Once your registration is verified by the site Admins, you will have access to Owner's Information published by the Board, gain access to all of our forms and documents, submit property requests and grievances, as well as be able to conveniently pay your HOA dues online.

Phase 2 Contact Form

This form is for contacting the Board. It only sends the board an email.
If you are an owner and want to register on the site, please use the LOGIN/REGISTER link at the top of the page.
Then click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT link below the username and password section and fill out the form.

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